40th Birthday Dachshund Cake

Dachshund 40th Birthday Cake for Tracey

Max, the very cute and friendly Dachshund, is all dressed up for Tracy’s 40th birthday this weekend. He’s wearing a bright polka dotted party hat topped with a pink pomp-pomp. Max was created in likeness of the clients dog and is also decked out in a red collar with a silver tag.

Close-up of dog’s bum!

Of course I also took a picture of the Max’s backside. You can find more backside shots in the video below! The entire cake was carrot cake with cream cheese filling.

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:


Happy 40th Birthday Tracy!

Update: Tracy left us this message on our facebook fan page. Thanks Tracy!

Anne..thank u for the best 40th mini doxie birthday cake ever…Everyone loved the cake and it tasted great too..U now have a forever client..The carrot cake and cream cheese filling was awesome..thank u Tracy..

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