Around the champagne reception at the wedding

The champagne reception at weddings has become an integral part of many celebrations. In a relaxed atmosphere, the bride and groom can accept congratulations, use the time to take wedding photos, and guests can get acquainted with each other.


Often, the champagne reception takes place directly after the wedding ceremony. So this is the moment when the guests get to know and get to know each other the first time. It is all the more important that newlyweds and wedding guests feel comfortable and that the location and ambience contribute to this purpose.

Champagne reception on your own or by the professional?

It should give a champagne reception, that is already fixed. Now the question arises whether one should organize it himself or rather leave the work to a professional. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, when a pro puts on a hand, the bridal couple is spared a lot of organization. You can hire a caterer or party service – often wedding locations also offer a champagne reception on site. If you invest some time yourself and have a few helpers, you can save some more money. In addition, you can bring in your individual touch and implement the champagne reception according to your own ideas.

Even the newlyweds organize a champagne reception

To set up the champagne reception on your own, you should first include some helpers as a bridal couple. On the wedding day you will stand in front of the altar, while tables, champagne and glasses should be set up.

Which drinks are available classically?

As the name implies, the sparkling wine is simply part of the champagne reception. In addition, non-alcoholic drinks should also be on offer. The selection should meet the wishes of the bride and groom, for example:

  • sparkling wine
  • Sparkling wine with orange juice
  • Orange juice
  • Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
  • water

Of course, champagne could be offered or different champagne variation with fresh fruits and syrup. There are no limits to the creativity and wishes of the bride and groom. Only the effort should be considered when organizing the champagne reception itself.

How many drinks and glasses need to be calculated?

For each guest about 2 glasses of sparkling wine should be expected. As in a glass about 100 ml can be filled on the basis of this number and the number of guests the required liter be calculated. Usually, champagne bottles have a capacity of 750 ml. Of course, a little buffer does no harm – of course you can never have too much with drinks

The number of glasses should definitely be more than guests loaded – because it always stops a glass.

Snacks at the reception

For the small hunger, of course, should be taken care of. As the big banquet still follows, canapes or a selection of finger foods are usually enough. For the summer season, fruits and fruits, e.g. as skewers, a real alternative.

Eye-catcher – special ideas for the champagne reception

Hibiscus flower in sparkling wine

With hibiscus flowers you can spice up your sparkling wine, because they open in Prickelwasser. One bloom per glass is sufficient.

Photo: yexelA / Shutterstock

champagne pyramid

The presentation can be a real highlight at the reception. Thus, e.g. a champagne or champagne pyramid can be arranged.

Photo: Hatchapong Palurtchaivong / Shutterstock

Ice cubes with berries and mint

A real eye-catcher are fruits, berries and, for example, mint leaves in ice cubes. The ice cubes can be prepared very well, but the wedding party should not be too big due to the effort.

Photo: 279photo Studio / Shutterstock

Glasses for the newlyweds

The glasses for the newlyweds can also stand out. In addition to bridal and groom outfits, there are also glasses with engraving or glass stickers.

Photo: Anna Ewa Bieniek / Shutterstock


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