Blue Wedding Cakes

 If held a referendum about colors, everybody will give his vote in favor of blue, because blue is dominating color and we can see everywhere blue, the sky, sea and the planet on which we are living. Surely the color is cool, calm and refreshing.

You will find this color on every corner of life, in the offices, churches and in the weddings. The creative people make the theme of their wedding as blue. They keep it as centerpiece, which is the blue wedding cake. The color attracts your eyes towards it. For the reason, the bride and groom prefer to choose it as their theme, dresses and cakes.

This color has a history and it is travelling from the past to present and used for holy occasions as well, like weddings. You will be surprise to know that blue wedding cakes are suggested for all types of wedding themes cake or winter themes. Blue wedding cakes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and formations. There are many shades of blue, such as navy blue, aqua blue, dark and bright blue and baby blue.

Blue wedding cakes may be single or more than one tiered. They created in various shapes such as, round, square, oval and hexagonal and easy to decorate. They can be decorated with dark or bright color articles and accessories.

If you have an idea of beach-theme wedding, edible white shells are pasted with the help of gum on the blue cake. Also for beach-theme Starfish, pearls and ocean accessories which are edible can be pasted on the top of the cake. It you have planned to marry in Nov to Feb of the year, you can enjoy the idea of blue wedding cakes. These cakes can be decorated with sugar snowflakes and topped with small castle toppers. The flavor for blue cakes which are liked by all are, cheesecakes, mud cakes, cherry flavors, coconut cream flavor, dark chocolate and sponge cakes. One thing more that fruit cakes are also liked by everyone.

These cakes can be decorated by stars, ribbons, sugar balls, trinkets etc. If you want to have a different type of toppers, take gold script numbers or letter and monograms. Heart, two birds or miniature models of bride and groom may be fixed on top. Edible sugar paste butterflies, roses, flower petals, blue flowers and   lilies, to make the cake stunning and astonishing. If you are choosing a blue cake, you can do a lot of experiments according to you or your partners’ wish.

Blue cakes certainly distribute a feel of freshness and happiness to the guests and the wedding couple. A wedding under the vast blue sky with a blue cake completes the experience of a modern-day wedding.

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