Blue wedding Flowers

Blue is cool, soothing, tranquil and refreshing, from the blue water in the ocean. It also represents protection, transparency, creativity and mental superiority. Blue wedding flowers are a popular demand for brides. Blue wedding flowers are available in different shades, types, styles and verities are Violet, Larkspur, Delphinium, Lavender, Phlox, Rozanne Hardy Geranium, Johnson Blue Geranium. Catmint, Iris, Blue Hydrangea, Blue Lobelia, Viola, Corydalis.


Delphinium color ranges from white to baby blue to deep purplish blue. They can add height and color to your arrangement. You can arrange them in you centerpiece or bouquet with other flowers. They add more romance and joy in your wedding event. Their beautiful color range and innate fullness make creating flower arrangements with delphinium both easy and fun.  Blue wedding flowers can set a mood of elation and excitement the blue of the sky. The shades of blue are as varied as the images that the colors blue do magic tricks up.


A purple viola is very beautiful flower. This delicate flower makes tremendous color inflection in bouquets. You can also use viola with the combination of some roses, green leaves and colorful ribbons. These arrangements are very exclusive versatile and unique. They can give a delicate look to your wedding event.


Hyacinths are a dazzling flower that also has the advantage of being scented. Trunk of hyacinths can be arranged into a bouquet. On the other hand, the small blue flowers can be individually separate and integrated into a bouquet. They are also suitable to being made into flower headband.


The blue, colored Veronica gives a sense of movement and sovereignty to the arrangement, rather than it being too on a tight rein. These Flowers with white varieties such as roses and calla lilies give a more conventional and cool feel to your wedding. The colors blue signify decorum. It is not a color for use at night and should be used cautiously.


Statice is another gorgeous flower that verges on violet. It is often used as a ‘wadding’ flower and looks great in a simple bouquet with exotic flowers, roses and green leaves.  To add ‘heat’ to the arrangement use blue flowers with the combination of orange flowers. A blue wedding bouquet and flower indicate sovereignty, influence and new beginnings.


Wisteria is bluish purple in color and it has grateful blue stalk. There are many occasions for which Wisteria are the perfect flower.  Creative mind people can arrange blue wedding flowers with golden or silver artificial flowers and various types of ferns to create important effects. Blue wedding flowers are usually used for winter weddings.


Iris also subsists in different shades of blue. Flower arrangements with iris create a festive feeling and add a touch of soft elegance. You can use iris flower with complementary colors which have a natural attraction for each other. Mixtures of greens also look marvelous with blue iris. You can also make flower arrangements with iris that have been dried.


Hydrangeas are superb, exceptional, colorful flowers that can make livelier any event. They are magnificent for door and wall circlet, wedding awning decorations, chair decorations, table centerpieces, and bridal bouquets. Take a collection of dark purple hydrangeas and mingle them on a wedding canopy with white roses and green branches. This creates a dramatic effect to surround the bride and groom with flowers vivacious, color, and enthusiasm.

Some of the traditional wedding flowers do not exist in blue. These include calla lilies, tulips, gerberas, orchids, carnations, gladioli, and roses. Specialist suppliers are providing artificially dyed roses.

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