Bridesmaids – Meaning, Tasks & More

 What is a bridesmaid and how do you help the bridal couple on the wedding day? Where does the custom come from and how is it with the bridesmaid dresses? Here I summarized the information for you.


Earlier meaning

Traditionally, in the Middle Ages, the bridesmaids were to keep the evil spirits away from the bride and thus protect the marriage. In equally festive dresses, they entered the church in front of the bride and stood beside the bride at the altar. That should cause confusion in evil, because who is the bride with so many beautifully dressed virgins? Today, this importance takes a back seat. Nonetheless, bridesmaids play an important role.

What is a bridesmaid today?

Neither groomsmen nor bridesmaids are obligatory for a wedding. Unlike the maid of honor who signs the marriage with her signature, bridesmaids have no formal job. Nevertheless, they play an important role in the wedding: they help with the preparations, support on the wedding day and are the confidants of the bride.

Choose decoration and favors together, check on the big day, whether everything corresponds to the wishes of the bride, help in the dress, wear the veil … so Bridesmaids can help. Usually, the bridesmaids, together with the maid of honor, are responsible for the bachelor party or the bridal shower and ensure an unforgettable evening together with friends.

The tasks of the bridesmaids are so very diverse and have a great importance for the smooth running. Therefore, as a bride, you should first think about who is close to you and who you trust to do the job. As the name implies, bridesmaids were originally unmarried women. Nowadays, this is no longer the main focus.

The perfect outfit

Usually you can see the bridesmaids at first glance, because they often wear similar dresses – color and / or cut are coordinated. White and cream are not the rule, because the bride should finally be the focus. But it does not always have to be the dress that symbolizes being together. Also, the same accessories can express that.

The most important thing is always that the participants feel comfortable and can celebrate the bridesmaids in addition to their tasks together with the newlyweds and guests relaxed. Therefore, ideas and wishes should definitely be exchanged and openly decided on the issue of outfits together.

Who pays the bridesmaid dresses?

Often both bridesmaids and bridesmaids ask themselves who will pay. In principle, the bride and groom are not required to pay for bridesmaid dresses. Especially when the bridesmaids are given a free hand and, for example, only color and a particular accessory is recommended, participation is not inevitable. The more costly and eccentric the dress code and wishes of the wedding couple are, the more likely, of course, the bridesmaids consider a cash injection appropriate. As a bride, the topic should be discussed openly with the girlfriends.

Other countries, other customs? Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

In the US, Bridesmaids are the counterpart to our bridesmaids. From the ranks of the Bridesmaids also comes the Maid of Honor – in our case comparable to the maid of honor. Incidentally, the same applies to men in America. Because even the groom can rely on male support with his groomsmen. The Best Man takes on the role of best man. In the German-speaking countries it is becoming increasingly popular that the groom has Groomsmen at his side and the best friends of the bridal couple thus contribute to a successful wedding.

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