Church Wedding Wearing

 When you are going to attend a celebration in a church or any worship place, you become confused and a big question comes to your mind that what you should wear on this occasion.

Like you many youngsters also feel miserable and seek for the suitable dress to attend the party, because they do not attend the church services punctually. Here are some tips about what to wear in church wedding:

1- When you wear anything for church wedding, it should be in your mind that the dress should be respect. Either you follow the religion of bride & groom or you have a different religion or views. May be you are non-religious your dress should show respect to the house of worship. To be on conservative side is better, than wearing any shocking dress, which everyone feels odd.

The guests who are coming to a church should be creative; a long sleeve jacket is suitable for a church wedding ceremony and looks conservative. You simply cover up with the jacket and then you will be ready for the party.

2- Remember, on the other hand your dress should not be casual. It will be an error. The thing is laughable that mostly the people do this mistake for all types of wedding these days. Every body tries to go on the easy side and asks for comfortable. They say that forget the importance to look best on this occasion. It should be in your mind that a wedding is not any ordinary event by its nature and style, it asks extra effort.

3- Be realistic that jeans are not suitable for a church wedding, however it seems to be alright for every occasion.

Take khaki and press it carefully. It is very much appropriate for men when going for afternoon wedding; however they are liked by youngsters. If you like to wear a well tailored suit with a silk tie, it will also be a proper choice.

4- Dresses are a good choice for church wedding for ladies, with simple style of jewelry. If you are in confusion take a elegant skirt with a blouse which will be admired from every corner.

5- The hats are not worn in routine on church wedding, but they will give a gentle look if worn on this occasion.

6- Plastic flip flops or Heaven forbid shoes are not suitable for church wedding. Select proper shoes for the party. Gentlemen are requested to polish their shoes, because the shoes make a total out fit of the person.

7- Surely a wedding is celebration so you should dress with a nice spirit, whereas the ladies may dress a gray flannel business suit with a skirt. Keep one thing in mind that show your spirit for the occasion and give respect to the church and religion. If you are completing these conditions, then you are 100 % ready for the celebration.


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