Garden Wedding Flowers

A Garden wedding is a majestic choice for a wedding. A garden wedding Planning can be lots of fun and offers one of the most romantic locations for celebrating your special day. Keep it simple and stylish. Garden weddings are so special and very romantic. Garden weddings give your special day a simple and traditional touch.


The Garden weddings incorporate the abundant bud and flowers. Your wedding incorporate a huge number of flowers in exceptional shapes, shades and range.

The most trendy flowers and plants to incorporate in a garden themed wedding are daisies, peonies, cala lilies, and ivy. Calla lilies, for example, tend to fade in about four hours. Roses stand up much better to the distinctive conditions that the outdoors grants. Princess orchids are an additional gorgeous garden wedding flower. Baby’s breath and ferns are nice fillers. You can include fresh seasonal flowers or everlasting silk flowers also. Of course, dried flowers are always an option. You can Use different shades of one color accented with white to create a very visual and outstanding combination. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Naturally there will be a lot of flowers but do not avoid the usual bouquets and centerpieces.

There are many arrangements in Garden themed wedding such as bouquets, bridal hair accessories, boutonnières, centerpieces, the flower girl’s basket, and corsages, a throw away bouquet, flowers for the cake topper and flowers to decorate the church hall, and aisle. Start with a bridal gown which is embroidered with stunning three dimensional flowers of same fabric as the dress. Bridal hair jewelry made with flowers for the perfect finishing.

For centerpieces tall garden vases overflowing with flowers and greens are perfect for garden themed wedding. Tall jars filled with sand and tea lights make majestic additions to pathways. You can wrap them in heavy wire and hung from trees. Hang Bags with potpourri from the arms of chairs for a festive look. Hang white lights around trees.

The wedding flowers are considered to be tremendously important because it sets the mood of the wedding. You can cut down your wedding budget and make innumerous floral arrangements by yourself. For example, the use of rich peacock feathers can make your floral arrangement lively and sparkling. The black and white feathers would look great when attach in the bouquets. A few silk, enamel or feather beautiful butterflies can be used in order to make the flower bouquets elegant.

You can use delicate fabrics for the chair covers; table linens with vintage overlays can make an unforgettable statement. Decorate tall trees with lights and hang with ribbon Hand-write cards for the guests to pick. You can also arrange a birdbath to make special wishes for you and your partner by throwing pennies or flower petals into the birdbath. Give each table a name as Butterfly, Dragonfly, Lightning Bug, Lady Bug, etc to make your day more special. These innovative ideas really help you to make your wedding more memorable and unique. Sometimes, the bride is presented bouquets of flowers as a note of thanks to relatives and friends who mean a lot for her.

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