Golden Etiquettes of a Wedding

Comprehensive guests list

When you decide to marry with a perfect girl and arrange everything, the troublesome time comes when go to make a list of guests. You know very well that all of the friends & relatives can’t be invited due to tight budget & the limited capacity of the wedding hall, so compile a comprehensive list.

You have to work with diplomacy, tact and if there are conflicts rising in between, tolerance should be needed. See this problem from all the angles, indeed you have a large circle of friends and your family members are innumerable so feel difficulty to make a choice. Above your parents wish to invite more of the family members and you are focusing on your friends. Actually you know the whole situation and you can handle it perfectly. You want to work in a tight budget and want to safe money for the honeymoon.

When to compile your guest list

It will be easy and will give you a proper time to take decision, when you will compile your list before six months. It will give you a suitable margin of time for decision and if any difficulty is arising you can overcome it.

Who to be invited?

May be your parents have such close friends who would like to attend the ceremony, because they were taking interest in you from the beginning and they are true well wishers to you. Consider those who are close to you, but now are living very faraway from you. As wedding is a custom, so sending invitations to your groom’s parents and church minister is necessary.

There should be a balance in bride & groom’s invitees. It has a proportion like this: 1/3 of bride’s parent’s guest, 1/3 of groom’s parent’s guest and 1/3 of bride & groom’s friend.

The list of guests is compiled by both families, but the person who is paying the bills will finalize the list.

Inviting children

If you have taken a decision to invite children in your wedding, keep in mind that a majority of guests don’t like noise and running of children aside them. They are not easy to bear. However, if you maintain some things, you will at ease.

1. Children under the age 5 may be managing to sit at the ending portion of the church. If they will make noise, you may remove them within no time.

2. Take the services of an entertainer to the children at the reception. They could not disturb the guests at the time of speeches and meal.

3. To busy them on special occasions make activity packs for them.

To invite the children is not necessary; you may avoid them by making an excuse that you have a limited budget. However you make a margin for those children who are very young or have a breast feeding.

Reserve invitations

Don’t forget that there may be some refusals, so make a list of about 20 % guests and don’t worry, send them late. Your problem will be solved, but giving a setback to those invitees, that they were not so much close to you that you didn’t invite them in the first place.


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