How much is a wedding? Costs + saving tips

 After the engagement is before the wedding planning. Invitation cards, a location, food and drink, music … The list seems endless. Many couples find it difficult to estimate the costs correctly. To make this task easier for you, you will find here what costs are to come and where you can save.


The biggest cost of a wedding

The exact cost of your wedding, of course, depends on the size of your celebration. Generally, the bigger the celebration, the higher the price. While a small civil ceremony in a small circle can already be realized for about € 1,500, there are no limits to the size of the budget. The majority of weddings in Germany (about 80%) cost between € 4,000 and € 8,000.

The distribution of the costs on the different cost points usually looks similar. Most of the costs are for

  • Catering the guests
  • Location
  • Clothing of the bride and groom
  • Make-up and styling
  • photographer
  • Flower arrangements and
  • Wedding rings

These things are usually responsible for 70-80% of the total cost. In addition, there are many little things that need to be paid: invitation and thank-you cards, gifts, decoration. These are usually smaller amounts, but they can quickly add up to a larger amount.

To estimate the costs well, make an exact plan of how much you can invest in total. You then split this budget down to the individual items. It is important that you save in the right place. Think about this in advance, which you do not want to do without. You should also be able to afford these things without paying too much attention to the price.

What exactly how much it costs can be very different. Nevertheless, we have collected averages to give you a rough idea of ​​what to expect.

The first big item: the clothes of the bride and groom

Your clothes should express the peculiarity of this day. That’s why you can also have your outfits cost you something. For sure you want to look especially nice for your sweetheart or your sweetheart. Thus, the wedding dress proposes like 800-1,500 € to book. But up there is basically no limit. The groom suit also costs fast 500-900 €.

Previous year models or bridal dresses hire lower the price

Every year, the big bridalwear manufacturers make a new collection of their bridal wear. As a result, the previous year’s models are drastically reduced. That’s why they are not worse. It is worthwhile to look for older models. These are common in bridal outlets.

Even with the shoes, there is potential for savings. Maybe you still have nice, cozy pumps at home? Or you look in your favorite shoe store for cheap and comfortable shoes that you can wear all day long. It does not always have to be the expensive bridal shoes from the bridal outfitter.

Another cost factor of the bridal outfit is the veil. Again, it pays to think about alternative hair accessories. A nice, cheap variant, which is particularly suitable in spring and summer, is flower arrangements in the hair. This can be incorporated into the hairstyle and is at least as beautiful as a matching veil.

If you do not necessarily care about your own wedding dress, which you will wear only once in a lifetime, there is also the possibility to borrow wedding dresses. This usually costs only a fraction of the usual price and looks just as nice. This is certainly not the right thing for every bride, but for some it is certainly an easy way to save some money.

Catering the guests

The cost of meals often accounts for a large part of the wedding budget. They amount to 50-110 € per person. With an average of 60 guests makes the 3,000-6,600 € only for the entertainment. The easiest way to save is, of course, to reduce the number of guests. But even if you do not want to give up your loved one on your big day, you can save a bit with good planning while eating and drinking.

Savings potential in the catering

Of course, the food should taste, because with satisfied guests you also have a nicer celebration. But does it really have to be the 3-star menu? In general, a buffet is often cheaper than a menu. And you can easily do without additional services. How about, for example, if you ask your groomsmen to distribute the drinks at the champagne reception? Or you ask your family and relatives to bake a cake. So you have a delicious cake or dessert buffet, without high additional costs. If you have a passionate amateur baker in your circle of friends, invite him to the wedding and wish you the wedding cake as a gift. So you can easily save 300-500 €.

wedding rings

The wedding rings are the symbol of your love. Therefore they should be something special. Especially important is the quality of the rings. After all, they should last a lifetime. With an average of € 1,000-2,000 they are also one of the biggest items in your budget. But even here you can save without having to forgo beautiful and high-quality rings.

The material is crucial for that. Is it important to you to have rings of gold? Or can you imagine that you choose silver instead of white gold? If you are looking for something fancy, you can also use wedding rings made of titanium or stainless steel. It is definitely worth researching here.

The styling – look good on a budget

They are part of every wedding: a beautiful hairstyle and a complex make-up. So can quickly get together 200-400 €. But does it always have to be the full program?

Save time and money on styling

Depending on your wishes, you can consider whether you need a bridal hairstyle or a normal updo. Even a trial hairstyle causes additional costs. If you want a relatively simple hairstyle to your outfit anyway, you can do without it. This not only saves you time in preparation stress for the wedding, but also some money. The same applies to make-up. If you like it more discreet, may also be enough an evening make-up instead of the bridal make-up. Also, you can save one or the other Euro. By the way, it is also worthwhile to look back in the circle of acquaintances. Maybe you know a hairdresser. This certainly makes you a friendship award. And if you already know her, then she knows best what suits you and can implement your ideas optimally.

The flower arrangement: bridal bouquet, bridal car and table decoration

Flowers are an important part of any wedding. Nobody wants to miss a bridal bouquet or flower decoration on the tables. So the florists have a lot to do, especially in the high season, and they also pay well. Flower arrangements for the wedding usually cost between 500 and 700 €. But even with little things you can save a lot here too.

One possibility is the decoration of the bridal car. Anyone who does without elaborate floral decoration on the bonnet has already saved a big job. Decorate your car with ribbons and ribbons instead. This also looks very festive and can be obtained for little money in the next craft or craft shop. There are also potential savings in table decoration. Instead of expensive arrangements, you can tie or bind bouquets of flowers for picking yourself. Fresh from the field that will certainly spread a nice spring feeling among your guests. And you can also use your bridal bouquet as a table decoration.

Your big day can come

So that you can fully enjoy your wedding in the circle of your loved ones, here again the most important steps for your cost planning in the near future:

  • Determines how exactly you want to marry
  • Think about who you’re inviting and make a guest list
  • Sets a budget
  • Make a detailed budget to determine how much you can spend and what you want to spend
  • Checks potential savings

With these tips and tricks you will come through the preparations and have a wonderful day.

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