Ideas for Summer Wedding Flowers

Choosing your summer wedding flowers can be daunting because there are so many fabulous varieties in season during the months of June, July and August; with the sensational choice of colours, varieties and scents available you’re really spoilt for choice! Read on to discover what’s in season, popular varieties plus styling ideas for your summer wedding flowers.

Summer Wedding Flower Ideas – Perfect Peonies

Picture ©The Fine Flowers Company specialise in wedding and events. Picture © The Fine Flowers Company specialise in wedding and events.
Picture © Cindy Kirkland Creative Works Picture © Cindy Kirkland Creative Works
Peonies are the ultimate summer wedding flowers – they are so romantic and gorgeous yet they are brilliantly versatile, perfect in pretty summer bouquets for weddings or for a fabulous wedding table centerpiece for the reception. Peony cut flowers are available in a wide range of colours so there is sure to be a colour to suit any wedding colour theme. Choose from pure white through to soft pinks and delicate peach to deep pinks and rich, dark reds. Well known British varieties include the pink peonies ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ and ‘Alexander Fleming’, ‘Festiva Maxima’ is white and ‘Coral Charm’ is apricot-pink.The peak season for British-grown peonies is from mid May to the beginning of July. Check availability with your florist as this may vary but you may be able to find peonies grown overseas from April through to October and possibly even into November.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Summer – Scented Sweetpeas:

 Sweet peas are so delicate and pretty they would be perfect for a romantic feminine wedding theme. They come in an amazing spectrum of colours from purples, pinks and creams to salmon and multi-colour. In the UK Sweet peas have a long season starting from February through to September. Gabi of the The Fine Flowers Company advises that “Wedding bouquets incorporating herbs especially, and scent in general, are becoming really popular.” These sweetly scented flowers mixed in with sprigs fresh herbs would create a wonderfully scented summer centerpiece.

Wedding Flower Ideas for Summer – Country Garden Style:

 Country Garden style is a lovely theme to consider when you are looking for wedding flower ideas for summer – informal, abundant slightly wild styling is romantic and pretty. English roses, Sweet peas, Hydrangeas, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Astrantia and delicate lime green Alchemilla mollis create an abundant display with a country garden feel – perfect for an outdoor reception or a wedding with an informal country garden theme. Catkin Flowers specialize in natural seasonal flowers, growing their own flowers in a sustainable way.

English Country Garden:

 A beautiful bouquet with the air of flowers just picked from a country garden. A delightful mix of fragrant old fashioned roses, foliage and herbs would be perfect for an informal country style wedding. Scented garden roses, Cosmos, Hydrangea, Peonies, Scented pinks, Lavender and Scented Geranium have been combined with a fragrant array of foliage and herbs including Mint, Rosemary, Oregano, Sages, Thyme, Cotton Lavender, Jasmine and Honeysuckle.The Real Flower Company specialize in flowers that fill your senses with their unique look, texture and exquisite scent.

The Delphinium is a stately flower with towering spikes that is most often seen in shades of blue, purple and white, they’re perfect for adding drama and height to table centrepieces or as part of a fresh summery theme. The peak season for British-grown delphiniums is from mid-May to the end of August

Agapanthus is a summer bloom with a tall leafless stem featuring a cluster of funnel shaped flowers at the top in blue or white.

Beautiful British Summer Florals:

 The Calla Lily also known as Zantedeschia or Arum Lily are incredibly popular for weddings. Available from overseas all year round and British Grown from late October through to late June. Calla lilies have an elegant and almost architectural form making them incredibly versatile summer flowers for wedding bouquets as they can be arranged either on their own in simple classic hand-tied bouquet for a stunning elegant effect or they can be mixed with other flowers such as roses. They’re available in a variety of colours from pure white, yellow, deep pink and purples through to rich black.  Exotic Orchids are generally available all year round either grown in the UK or sourced from abroad and are perfect for weddings. Even used sparingly they can make an impact – They’re long lasting and come in an amazing variety of colours from deep magenta through to pure white.

Romantic Roses:

David Austin’s English Roses have a unique timeless quality that express the ultimate in romantic elegance. They are extremely versatile being perfect for bridal bouquets through to gorgeous stylish table centrepieces. Be inspired by the peachy shades of the Juliet rose which when fully open reveal neatly-arranged petals nestling in folds within the heart of the bloom or try the delicately fragranced Miranda rose which when fully open reveals a heart of pure rose pink with outer petals having a lovely streaked green effect. David Austin cut roses have the wonderful old rose forms and natural charm of garden roses.

Wedding Flower Ideas for Summer

Many flowers are now imported so are available all year round but if you’d like to include seasonal blooms in your summer wedding flowers you may like to consider our choice for summer weddings below: Alchemilla Mollis, Astrantia, Beech, Narcissus, Continus, Cornflowers, Cosmos, Cotton Lavender, Dahlias, Delphinium, Eucalyptus, Foxgloves, Gladioli, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, Ivy, Jasmine Trails, Lavender, Lilies, Marigolds, Mint, Oregano, Peony, Pheasant Bush, Phlox, Rosemary, Rubus Trails, Sages, Scabious, Scented Garden Roses, Scented Geranium, Scented Pinks, Senecio, Snapdragons, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Sweet Williams, Thyme.

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