JJ’s First Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Giraffe Cake

Today we celebrated JJ’s first birthday! I cannot believe a whole year has passed! It has been an amazing year – and we feel so blessed to have such a great little guy in our lives!!!

Dessert Table with Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies

So, of course I put a lot of thought into his cake. I actually had a few break-downs over this one! I felt so much pressure because I was worried one day he’d look back at the pictures and say, “Geez mom – why did I have such a mediocre cake?” I fully acknowledge I’m nuts  At any rate, after remaking the giraffe and balloon (the first one was entirely too large for this cute little cake!) everything sort of fell into place.

JJ & Mommy with Birthday Cake

Just in case there is any question who made the cake I included a “Love Mommy” tag on the back.

Love Mommy Tag

Unfortunately, when the time finally came for the big cake moment, JJ was less than thrilled – and didn’t even smash his smash cake! It may have had something to do with the fact that I stripped him down to his birthday suit in front of his entire party….or that he was just overtired, or that this is just the first defiant moment that my son had against his mother! Hahaha.

JJ crying with Smash Cake

At any rate, the design of the cake was inspired by JJ’s favorite stuffed giraffe, and his love for balloons! The giraffe is holding onto the 1 for dear life, as the balloon is tuggin on his tail. The cake flavors were banana (JJ’s favorite!) filled with vanilla bean and chocolate italian meringue buttercream, and red velvet with lemon cream cheese and raspberry chambord italian meringue buttercream.

Giraffe with Party Hat atop Birthday Cake

We included “1″ favor cookies, and some mini chocolate cupcakes as well. Happy Birthday little boy! We love you! P.S. Next year JJ you are getting Fudgie the Whale!

First Birthday Favor Cookies

The Dining Room setup for the Party

Birthday Cake on Dessert Table

Side view of Dessert Table

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery and while at home after we setup the cake and dessert table:


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