Latest Wedding Cake Ideas

The philosophy of the wedding cake is nothing, but a bonding object of the newly wed couple in the presence of well wishers and lovers. Surely it is a part of the tradition. The bride and groom cut it together to express their love, affection and promises. Actually the cake reflects the unseen bonding between the newly wed couple. The cake becomes the symbol of unity and passions. It also represents the eternal love from this day to the last movements.

As the dress, venue, invitations are the parts of a wonderful wedding, the cake is the most talked about item. Choosing a perfect and nice cake which surely eye catching, is some what difficult, but not impossible. There are a lot of designs and ideas that can make the event unforgettable. A bride should take special interest and create new ideas for this event. Wedding cakes are not any troublesome factor. Choose a proper design, color, flavor and shape. Still the thing is not setting in your mind, look the pictures on net. It will guide you perfectly. Here are some ideas especially created for you:

1) Western wedding cakes

 A western wedding cake design reflects the western concepts, like bride and groom figures in blown glass creations as toppers. Some like to decorate it with a cowboy hat or horseshoe shaped made of sweet ceramic. Interesting thing is that, cakes are served with authentic styled cake knifes and server sets. The desk of the cake is decorated like the back of a chuck cart along with cart wheels. They are created in home-styled method not of the shortcut mix method.

2) Simple wedding cakes

 Simple wedding cakes always design with simple methods. People kept them simple and elegant, using white cake with white icing. These cakes may be filled with raspberries, lemons, butter cream and strawberries. For toppings mostly use fresh flowers and multi-tired stairways. As an option the chocolate fountain are also used.

3) Cupcake wedding cakes

 Cupcake wedding cakes are really cheaper, but also economical in comparison to the traditional wedding cakes. They are used as fashionable alternative to simple wedding cakes. It is especially for them who can not go in deep and wants to keep them simple. Surely the cakes have variety in flavors and can be colored to match the wedding theme.

4) Individual wedding cakes

Individual wedding cakes are used as a sweet treat for the guests of the wedding ceremony. Through this cake the bride feels pleasure and shows her gratitude. The individual wedding cakes are available in different sizes, styles, shapes and flavors.

They are in various varieties for example petit fours, Purple Heart cupcakes, butterfly cupcake and many others. Its popular recipes are liked by everyone, which includes Chocolate Grand Marquis recipes,

Strawberry Guava Brule Cheese Cake recipes, Flour-less Chocolate Cake recipes, etc.

5) Castle wedding cakes

 Castles in cakes are made from painted styro foams with cream cones and puffs filled with French pastry creams. One thing is interesting that they are coated with sugar and decorated with impressive and imperative roses. Its petals are made of marzipan.

Castle wedding cakes with a wonderful castle makes the cake lively and enhances the beauty of the wedding. These cakes are very much liked by all and also used in communions (the Christian ceremony in which people eat bread and drink wine as signs of Christ’s body and blood). Some castle cakes are arranged as central figure on special occasions.

6) Unique wedding cakes

 A copy of unique bridal bouquet may be designed on the cake, a multi-layered cake with bird houses in place of the traditional simple and attractive flowers. The other option includes fruits and vegetables are said to be a unique wedding cake decoration theme. By using different colors a uniqueness and individuality can be created in a unique wedding cake.

Wedding cakes with flowers, vegetables and fruits as the decoration theme are not only unique but it also makes a popular and beautiful wedding cake idea.

For wedding cake decoration theme, the bride and groom select their favorite flowers such like a lily or a sunflower. That may be   daisy, forget-me-not, and an orchid, a violet, a tulip, or even the most beautiful flower, rose.

7) Modern wedding cakes

The society is crazy of modernism and running behind it, so is the cake. Everyone like the modern wedding cakes and prefer it to put it on the central table. Whereas the other wedding cake ideas fail to make an impression on the newly wed couple.

Modern wedding cake consists of modern styles and designs. They are created in different shapes, flavor and decorations. The cakes are designed with latest accessories, ribbons and other decorative. The accessories like ribbons, pans and designs used in making the cake increase the cost of the cake. According to personality and inner self of the bride and groom different colors may be selected to make it modern and impressive.

These cakes are available in many flavors and fillings with champagne, raspberry, ginger spice, coconut cream, coffee, etc. These modern cakes are more costly in comparison to the other cakes.

When you are making a selection of the wedding cake, be sure that it is the best of all, as it will be the symbol of your love. After all, a marriage is memorable lifetime occasion for the bride and groom and the cake plays an important role in it.


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