Preserved Wedding Flowers

There are a lot of women who want to keep all the special memories from every moment of their life. It is very important for those women to have the possibility to surround themselves with all kind of objects which can remind them of a certain period of their life or which can express something about a thing from their history. It is not like you were living in the past, it is just a proof that you are a sensible woman and that you want to be able to remember all the good things in your life properly. Your wedding is definitely the most important moment of your life and it is normally to want to save as many memories as you can. Beside wedding photos and videos, you are also free to preserve your wedding flowers in order to keep them for decades and to enjoy them a lot. In this way you can even show them to your children.

Preserving wedding flowers

Nowadays, you can preserve almost anything and you can be sure that the results are going to be pretty spectacular. There are more and more women who opt for such a choice because the wedding bouquet is definitely very important and it expresses something about your personality and about your tastes. If you can keep your wedding dress for the rest of your life then it is a pity not to do the same thing with your wedding bouquet, as well. It can be a great opportunity to impress all your friends and even your descendants with something unique and you can show them what a wonderful bride you were. There are several methods to preserve your wedding flowers and you can opt for professionals or you can even make it by yourself if you know how to act.

How should you preserve your wedding flowers?

First of all, such a decision must be taken before the event itself. No matter if you decide to preserve them by yourself or if you hire a professional to do it, it is important to know how to choose the flowers and how to treat them during your wedding day. You should also know that preserving methods must start very soon after the wedding ends in order to ensure that they are going to succeed and that your wedding flowers are going to look good. Between four and seven days after the bouquet was made is the maximum you can wait if you want them not to dry.

Another thing that must be taken into consideration when you decide to preserve your wedding flowers is the time that you are willing to spend in order to obtain an interesting arrangement. For example, if you decide to do such a procedure by yourself and if you plan to have your honeymoon immediately after the wedding then you should know that you are not going to be able to handle this situation properly and that your bouquet is not going to be as great as you wanted it to be. You should take it to a true professional and you should ask him to take care of it. Try not to neglect this aspect if you really want to save the bouquet and if it is important for you. Otherwise you are going to be disappointed.

A very good and realistic idea is to have your bouquet or your floral arrangements professionally freeze dried, especially if you want the bouquet to maintain its shape and the colors. Even if initially the flowers are separated and they are manually freeze dried, after that they are reassembled in order to look like the original bouquet. If you opt for this method then you will have to wait almost a month to receive your bouquet back but you can be sure that the final result is going to surprise you and that you are going to be thrilled to expose it in your new and special home.

If you want to try something even more interesting then you can transform your wedding bouquet into a romantic and interesting painting. All you have to do is to have your bouquet pressed and to rearrange it after that in order to create a similar bouquet with the original one. After that, the bouquet can be framed and the new created painting can be used in order to decorate your bedroom and to keep your bouquet close to you. All you have to do is to be patient and to wait for the flowers to dry well. This will take eight or even ten weeks in order to be completed.

The prices for such a procedure may vary according to the services that you want your preservationist to provide. If you want your bouquet to be freeze dried then the final costs are going to be around 100$ while for a pressed and framed bouquet the price may increase because you will have to pay the glass enclosures and the frames as well. You should hire a professional in your city in order to ensure that you will not have to pay for transportation or for any other services. It is a pity to waste your money in vain.

How to preserve your wedding bouquet at home

If you really want to save some money and to preserve your wedding bouquet by yourself then you should know that it is a very simple procedure and that all you need is some patience and free time. You should separate the flowers from the bouquet in order to ensure that they have the possibility to dry well and after that you should hang each flower in a place without light and humidity. After a couple of weeks when you are sure that they are perfectly dried you can reassemble the bouquet and you can transform it into a lovely souvenir.  You are going to be surprised by its aspect and you can even fix the flowers with silica gel or with borax in order to ensure that it is going to last forever and that you are going to be able to admire your wedding bouquet even after 50 years, when you are going to be old.

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