Silk Blue Hydrangea Wedding Boquet

Hydrangea is a very special plant and it looks extremely innocent and delicate. If you are a young and romantic woman and if you want to have a wedding bouquet which represents you then you should take into consideration the idea of having a blue hydrangeas one. I am sure you know the quote “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. What would you think if that “something blue” would be represented by your wedding bouquet? The best part when it comes to such a bouquet is that you can easily match with a blue pair of shoes and even white gold wedding rings decorated with topaz stones. If you love blue and if you consider it your favorite color then you should not hesitate in opting for it when it comes to your wedding outfit and when it comes to your accessories. If you wear something that you like then you are going to look much better and you are going to feel amazing.

Blue hydrangeas wedding bouquet- the main attraction of your wedding outfit


Today we are going to create a superb wedding outfit and we are going to put into the spotlight a beautiful wedding bouquet made of blue hydrangeas and white roses. Look at the above one! It is simple, it is stylish and it can transform even a simple wedding dress into a beautiful and spectacular one. You can also opt for an entirely made of hydrangeas wedding bouquet but a mixed one is definitely more romantic and spectacular and it can help you obtain what you want in an easier way. You can also combine blue hydrangeas and white baby breath and the bouquet you will obtain is going to be extremely delicate and romantic. There are so many possibilities when it comes to such romantic flowers and you should know what to choose and how to adapt your wedding bouquet according to your dress and according to your personality.

The below dress is a simple one and the a-line model makes it extremely suitable for any body conformation. If this is exactly the type of dress that you would like to wear in the most important day of your life then you should do your best to choose it with a lot of attention and to enjoy it properly. The dress is simple and this makes it easy to accessorize and you are free to play with colors and models in order to improve its aspect. If you have decided that you want a blue and white outfit then you should know which are the most special and unique accessories that you can use in order to transform this dress into a fabulous one. As you can see, this white dress is perfect for the bouquet in the first photo and they can look gorgeous together. If you like the hairstyle in the photo as well, then you should know that you can improve it by adding small hydrangeas flowers in your hair. The effect is going to be even more romantic and spectacular.


Blue wedding shoes and blue jewelry can be everything you need in order to complete your outfit and to transform it into a fabulous and romantic one and to be remembered as a wonderful bride. Try not to overreact and not to choose some sophisticated shoes. The ones in the picture are perfect because they are simple and they are easy to remark because of their color and because of the material that it is used for them. This type of shoes is perfect for a wedding and you should choose their color according to your preferences and according to your needs. If you are afraid that you will not be able to walk the entire day using high heels then you can also buy some ballet shoes in the same color in order to wear them in case of an emergency. If you pay a lot of attention when you choose your outfit and the rest of the accessories and if you care about each small detail, then you are going to look beautiful and elegant.

Natural blue hydrangeas or silk ones?

This is definitely a very important question and you should find a good answer according to your needs and according to your preferences. You should do your best to have a wonderful time at your wedding and not to worry for anything. If you are afraid that your flowers are going to dry and that their aspect will be ruined then you should opt for silk ones. In this case you can be relaxed and you can focus on other things, happier ones. Another advantage when it comes to silk flowers is that they are cheaper and they have a very special aspect, sometimes even more interesting than natural flowers. If you are allergic, or if flowers simply make you sneeze, then you should not even take into consideration the idea of having a natural wedding bouquet. It is mandatory to choose something which is suitable not only for your preferences but also for your needs and silk flowers may seem the perfect compromise.


How to buy your silk wedding bouquet?

After you have decided that you want to have a silk wedding bouquet and after you have made an idea when it comes to your wedding outfit, you can start searching for something which is suitable for your needs and preferences. You can talk to a florist and you can ask him to create you a superb silk wedding bouquet or you can order it online. If you plan to hire a florist then the bouquet is going to look exactly the way you want it to be but it is going to cost more. Not to mention the time that you will have to spend with your florist, trying to explain him what you want and what you need. You can save all that time and you can order your bouquet from a professional website. You can find a lot of models and colors online and all you have to do is to choose your favorite one and to order it. This is a perfect option no matter what.

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