Sporty Snowman Cake

Sporting Snowman Birthday Cake

This weekend we celebrated my husband Jesse’s birthday. This was a particularly hard year to come up with a unique cake for his birthday as I’ve used up many of his favorite things in past cakes. (Past cakes included this laptop cake, Mr. Potato Head Cake and his blender cake)

Side profile of Sporty Snowman

So after much creative deliberation I came up with this sporty snowman cake that incorporates three of Jesse’s favorite sports – basketball, volleyball and tennis. You may also notice a wedding ring flying off the snowman’s left hand. Incidentally Jesse also lost his wedding ring this year – playing beach volleyball after work. (He rarely ever takes off his ring while playing sports, but has since learned his lesson after losing it this year…)

The cake flavor was peanut butter with peanut butter oreos and cream buttercream and chocolate Italian meringue. We shot at this video at our house at our Christmas party last night:


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