The Church Wedding: Say yes to God

Many couples decide in addition to the civil wedding for a church wedding. The yes-word in the church must be prepared and there are a few prerequisites to fulfill, the process must be determined and a conversation with the pastor must take place in advance. You need two witnesses for the catholic wedding ceremony and you have to make an appointment with your selected persons in time. Therefore, start in good time with your considerations and plans.

The confessional wedding

You can not imagine your wedding without a solemn church wedding? It makes sense to talk to the pastor a year before the big day. At this point you should also think about how you would like to coordinate the dates of the church and civil marriage. Think about whether you want to perform the ceremonies in the church and the registry office on the same day, or you choose different days for both weddings.

Requirements for the wedding ceremony

In order for you to marry ecclesiastically, either you or your future husband must be Catholic. Until 2009 had to be married before the church wedding civil marriage. Now you can only decide on a church ceremony. However, this marriage is not recognized under civil law and you need the approval of the competent bishop. If a partner is not Catholic, but for example Buddhist or Evangelist, then a Catholic wedding is still possible. The bride and groom must promise that they will have their children baptized and brought up to their faith. One possibility is the economic celebration. It is a joint celebration in which a Protestant and a Catholic pastor, either in the Catholic or in the Protestant church, make the ceremony together.

The Catholic wedding

According to Roman Catholic understanding, the marriage ceremony establishes the so-called marriage bond, which is regarded as a sacrament between two baptized Christians. The highlight of the ceremony is the rallying of the vows of you and your partner to the pastor and groomsmen. During the talks with the pastor and at the wedding in the church, you are told that the sacramental marriage bond, founded according to the Roman Catholic religion, as long as you live, is indissoluble and demands the unqualified loyalty of you.

Registration of the wedding ceremony

You can marry in any church or chapel. Perhaps you would like to marry in the church where you celebrated your confirmation? Or you know a small, very romantic chapel, which is ideal for you as a wedding venue. You have to register your wedding at the parish office of ordinary residence. There must be only one partner of the Roman Catholic Church, but you both have to be single or widowed in church law. You know a pastor personally or would like to be married by a certain deacon? No problem, but you must register your wishes in good time, at least half – better one year – before the wedding date in the competent residence parish. Your residence church will issue you a transfer. But with the pastor you want, you have to get in contact with him personally and coordinate all appointments with him personally.

Documents for registration of the church wedding

Each of bride and groom:

  • Taufbescheinigung
  • identity card

If your partner is widowed, in addition:

  • marriage certificate
  • death certificate

If your partner was already married, additionally:

  • marriage certificate
  • divorce papers

The baptismal certificate must not be older than six months. You can have this exhibited at your parish church. If you or your partner have been baptized abroad, then take into account that the exhibition may take longer and ask for the baptismal certificate at an early stage. If one of the bride and groom is not Catholic, then the pastor demands proof of a single certificate from the registration office.

Only those who are confirmed, may marry catholic

This ecclesiastical law no longer exists today. It may also be married ecclesiastically, if the bride and groom are not confirmed. But the pastor will talk to you about the meaning of Confirmation and make the proposal to let you do it before the wedding.

The partner is divorced, what now?

If a partner has been married to a church before and is divorced, a church wedding is usually not possible. But you should contact the responsible pastor confidently and seek a clarifying conversation. It may well be that the pastor comes to the conclusion that the first marriage was not valid according to the understanding of the church. In such a case, the marriage ceremony can be canceled at a later date and nothing stands in the way of a Catholic ceremony.

The interview with the pastor

Before the ecclesiastical wedding, one finds, sometimes even two Traugespräche, with the pastor instead. You do not need to be afraid of the conversation. It is not interrogation, but on the contrary, a pleasant conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. The pastor not only talks to you about the significance of the church wedding, but also about the process of the ceremony and the possibilities of the individual design of the wedding celebration. Some parishes offer marriage preparation courses. These seminars are held by specially trained people according to the criteria of modern adult education. You will learn informative and interesting facts about the views of the Church on the topic of marriage and family and such courses offer you the opportunity to exchange experiences with other wedding people.

The most important aspects of the dream conversation:

, The pastor gets to know the bridal couple and vice versa
, Your personal questions will be discussed
, The understanding of marriage comes up
, The Traugott service, its meaning, its structure and the procedure are explained
, Readings, texts and songs are selected together
, You can put forward your ideas and wishes

The process and the individual design of the church wedding

You give each other the sacrament to each other. The celebration of the wedding takes place within the bridal fair. However, it can only be celebrated with a word service.
Wondering if you can personalize your church wedding? This is not only allowed, but gladly seen by every pastor. The lyrics, the songs or the intercessions, you can customize the wedding with your own thoughts, ideas and self-written.

The wedding budget

Talking about money involves little romance, but forms the basis of all planning activities. How much you spend for the church wedding can not be answered so easily, because the expenses are determined by your wishes and ideas. Make an informed budget plan and stick to it. The pastor does not ask for money for the wedding, but a voluntary donation for the church is welcome and will be accepted with thanks.
However, expenses are incurred for:

  • Issue the documents if necessary
  • Flower decoration and decoration of the church
  • Wedding Dress
  • Rings and ring pillows
  • Organist, musician or choir
  • bride candle

The cost can not be called a lump sum because it depends on you how much money you are willing to spend on rings, flowers and of course your wedding dress. Not to mention, even the groom needs a festive clothing.

The expiration of the Catholic marriage ceremony

As already mentioned, you can make your celebration in the church very individual and bring in rites. However, a certain procedure is always expected and performed by the pastor.

  • The pastor receives and welcomes you at the church gate
  • Move in with all your guests in the churches
  • Eingangslied
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • prayer
  • reading
  • Song, possibly choir singing
  • Gospel
  • Sermon or personal words to the bridal couple
  • Questions to the bride and groom
  • Blessing of the rings
  • The actual marriage
  • intercessions
  • Offertory
  • The Lord’s Prayer is prayed or sung
  • Peace is desired
  • Communion
  • Thanksgiving song and closing prayer
  • blessing
  • Solemn excerpt from the church

Difference Catholic and Protestant wedding

Compared to the Catholic Church, in the tradition of the Reformation there is neither a theology of marriage nor an ecclesiastical marriage law. As in the Catholic Church, marriage is not a sacrament, but a chapter of Christian ethics. To be evangelically married, you have to be married in a civil ceremony. According to the Protestant view, the marriage is closed at the registry office. A Protestant wedding of divorced persons is possible after a conversation and an examination of the pastor or the pastor.



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