The free wedding ceremony

 Many bridal couples wish for an individual form of marriage, a festive act that reflects their lives, their personal ideas and their feelings. Then the free wedding ceremony can be just right!


Schedule a free ceremony at your favorite place

The good news is that a free wedding can be held anywhere. At the lake, on an orchard, in an old castle, on the mountain or in the forest: Everything is possible if you have included in your planning the number of guests. For the bridal couple, it’s about finding a place where it feels good. Maybe you like hiking and would like to marry on a mountain plateau? Some people would like to spend these unique moments in a special place. Why marry on an island or in a castle? A free wedding ceremony can also be organized at home, provided that you have enough space and seating for your guests. Ask yourself the questions: Does the location, the meadow or the sandy beach suit us and the style in which we want to marry?

What is a free wedding?

In the free wedding ceremony, the bridal couple determines the content and course of the festive ceremony itself. Unlike the Catholic or Protestant church, there are no rituals, prayers or formulas that need to be spoken. On the exchange of rings as well as a speaker or a speaker you do not give up the free wedding. Only the content and the course of the ceremony are not specified. In other words, you design your free wedding with ring transfer individually. For that you get the best an “expert” to the side. This can be a freelance theologian, a trained speaker or even a trusted friend who can speak well in public. In general, however, one will fall back on professionals who are recommended or found on relevant Internet portals.

Difference between classical theologians and free speakers

A freelance theologian studied classical theology and perhaps worked as a pastor in the church for several years. For various reasons, he has decided to make his career more individual and offers you as a free speaker a wedding ceremony, which is either religiously based or humanistically oriented. In addition, there are also free speakers who have graduated in humanities studies, speak well in public and passionately like to write. Their rhetorical talent they have deepened through training and bridal couples are as a professional partner to the side to make the wedding ceremony to their personal taste. Many speakers decorate their speeches with philosophical, ideological or religious quotes. Depending on your wishes, prayers or blessings will be included in the ceremony. Sensitivity to the concerns of the bride and groom is important. In any case, free speakers make their speech with great dedication and tact. The focus is on the love that unites the bride and groom. As each couple sets different priorities and has different wishes, no text or ceremony will resemble another celebration.

What is the process of a free wedding ceremony?

Unlike an ecclesiastical wedding, there is no procedure for an individual marriage ceremony. The bride and groom decide with each step. Each speaker will lead in advance with the bridal couple personal conversations, give tips and suggestions on how to combine the individual program points well together. Whether a large event with many guests or an intimate celebration in a small circle: a free wedding is always unique and individually tailored to the two spouses. Rituals are also part of the free ceremony, such as ring exchange and marriage vows. The bride and groom decide whether they want a simple, funky, traditional or simply festive ambience. The newlyweds do not stand in front of a traditional church altar, but a festively decorated table or a long table in the open, in a castle or in the garden can also be used as an “altar”.

Where and when does a free ceremony take place?

There is no restriction for that either. Brides and grooms often choose places that are important to them personally, places where they feel comfortable, or who have a connection to the future couple. But it can also be that you choose a special location or a romantic place to give your party an extraordinary setting. The same applies to the time: Whether wedding in the first sunlight, at lunchtime or at midnight is up to your imagination and personal preference. You do not want to celebrate according to church rite, but in a chapel? This is also possible with a free speaker. Often chapels are beautifully situated on a hill overlooking rolling hills, fields or a lake. Due to its size, the wedding party does not lose itself like in a big church. The intimate setting and the beautiful decor of an old chapel also emphasize the festive character of an individual wedding ceremony.

Important questions

Often, couples are unsure whether a free ceremony is final. No, a civil marriage without a civil marriage is not legally binding! However, those who would like to change their rings only at the individual wedding, can do that and renounce to the registry office on the ring exchange. It is also possible to swap the rings twice. Many couples also wonder whether religious affiliation plays a role. In a nutshell: no! Anyone who dare to be free can be religiously free, Christian, ideological or atheistic. Precisely for this reason, this form of marriage is for many people a real alternative to a Protestant or Catholic wedding. Another worrying thing for couples is the idea that their freelance speaker could suddenly fall ill. So what? As a rule, freelance speakers work in a team or know colleagues who replace them in an emergency. Even if you do not have to assume this serious case, if something really serious happens, your speaker will find a way out together with you.

Summary: From planning to costs

Like every wedding, a free wedding ceremony is planned with some preparation. In personal conversations with the wedding speaker or via Skype you first discuss the content and scope of the ceremony. You tell about you, your desires, highlights in your life or how you met each other. Throughout the preparation period, the couple will assist in the preparation of the speech and the celebration of the festivities by e-mail or telephone. The wedding speech is always exclusively and individually worked out. It is important that the speech is emotionally and personally attuned to the bride and groom. Likewise, prayers, quotes, small anecdotes, musical pieces, symbolic rituals or speeches by family members can be incorporated into the process. The orator will also advise you on the wording of the vows. A detailed schedule ensures that appointments with photographers, musicians, service providers and witnesses go off without a hitch. And when the festivity is over? Then the newlywed couple is usually handed a bound certificate with the wedding speech. To celebrate, you either stay at the same location or travel to the wedding location with your guests. So much individual care has its price and upwards, as is well known, everything is open – but also in the wedding planning can be saved. And as a bridal couple, you can look forward to a free wedding on a personal in every way Fees!

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