Top 10 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

1. Which flower is IN?

No doubt about it that Amemones are blooming in wedding parties at present. This scentless modern flower is very much popular, because it has artistic colors, white with black center. They give a sparkling look and seem to be ultra-bridal.

2. Mixing is also impressive

You know the hot trend of the time? Taking three imbues at a time. Arrange half of the reception tables with spreading centerpieces, flowers in all three colors,    whereas the remaining half should be arrange in such a way that one in every color. But if you are in favor of only one color, then give different heights to the centerpieces. The different levels produce a flow all over the room, which gives the reception a visual beauty.

3. Variations in flowers

Indeed red roses are traditional, but variation may be seen on the reception tables, as   phalaenopsis orchids are gaining a favor from all the sides. Mokara orchids are loved by new brides.

Everybody have a desire for these two pink & orange flowers, because phalaenopsis orchids grow in thin built line on their stem, while Mokaras grow in various directions and gives a look that center place has been filled with flowers. Carnations are again IN. There new form is in beiges & grays.

4. Bright-on-bright

A new style has been developed that instead of white table clothes bright colored napkins are used. You might think that colorful flowers are no need to be displayed on color napkins, but this is bright-to-bright. We invite you to think about fuchsia, persimmon, magenta, in royal purple. The combination will give a fantastic look.

5. Combination of colors

You may ask for vases filled with similar size & shape of French tulips for a present-day wedding. Advice to cut flowers at various heights and make a combination of different colors, like spray roses with dazzling beautiful combo of light pink ranunculus and white hyacinths with lisianthus.

6. Floating flowers

The mastermind designers are keenly working on Lucite & Plexiglas. Putting them on different levels is a tradition. These levels may be filled with various materials, like river rocks, sea glass & hydrangeas. If you will hang the Plexiglas pieces in tray-like container from the ceiling it will give a dramatic and stunning look. There appearance will tell that they are floating in the air.

7. Containers in fabric

No doubt the flowers give a dynamic look and enhance the beauty of our surroundings, but beautifying the containers by wrapping them in marvelous fabric is also a current trend. The fabric should match with your wedding colors.

8. Romantic look with lamps

A lot of couples are using hot lamps as centerpiece instead of candles. If your presentation is proper, the lamps will look like as if they are growing out of the flowers at the center of the table, while for giving a passionate look, hang them from ceiling.

9. Art of using trees

If you have a desire to give a garden-y look to your hall, then select tree- like art piece. They are suitable for centerpiece, while other having longer length may be placed at the entrance or at the edge of dance floor.

10. Napkin with floral treatment

Decorate every place of guest with the setting by dressing up the napkin with its own floral treatment. Another way adopt is to combine a flower with a place card.

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