Wedding Bouquet Bridesmaid

Being a maid of honor is no easy at all and you have to do your best to be there for the bride whenever she needs your help. Even if technically, the maid of honor has no obligations when it comes to the wedding organization and so on, you should know that it would be nice of you to help the bride and be there for her in order to ensure that her wedding preparations are going to go nice and pleasant, not stressful and overwhelming. This is after all, the main role of the bridesmaid, she must attend the bride and this sometimes refers at more than her wedding day. If you are going to be there for your friend and if you are going to help her with anything she needs then you can be sure that you are going to make her extremely happy and that you are going to be seen as a wonderful maid of honor.


The role of the bridesmaid

Another important role when it comes to the bridesmaid is to organize her bridal shower and her bachelorette party. If you want to be sure that your best friend is going to end her single woman life and that she is going to begin a new one in a happy and unique way then you have to offer her the goodbye that she needs and you must organize some special parties for this purpose. You should not neglect the bridal shower and the bachelorette party because these are special moments in a woman’s life and it is your obligation, as maid of honor, to ensure that your friend is going to have a lot of fun and that she is going to be able to have a great time in a crazy and special way, for the last time before her wedding day.

A bridesmaid’s outfit

If you really want to be a perfect maid of honor then you have to choose your outfit with a lot of attention and you have to do your best to please the bride and to surprise all the guests with an amazing outfit. If you choose a beautiful and romantic dress and if you respect the theme of the wedding and its etiquette then you can be sure that you will not pass unnoticed and that you are going to be seen as an amazing woman who knows exactly how to put herself into the spotlight. The dress is very important but so are the shoes, the bouquet, the jewelry, the makeup and the hairstyle, and all these must look perfectly balanced together in order to ensure that you are able to look fabulous without any other efforts. You should talk to the bride about your outfit and you should ask her what she thinks when it comes to your accessories and when it comes to your aspect. This is the best way to know that she is going to adore you even more and that you are going to be a wonderful maid of honor.

The wedding bouquet for the maid of honor


If you want to complete your outfit in a special and unique way then you have to choose an elegant wedding bouquet and you must do it in order to match the flowers with your dress but also with the bride’s bouquet. You should know that there are several things that must be settled with the bride before you choose your bouquet and that this is a very important aspect which must not be neglected. Try to talk to a florist, as well, and do your best to explain him how your dress looks like, which is its color and which is the type and theme of the wedding. You can choose anything you want as long as you find a way to opt for something that represents you and which is suitable for your personality and for your outfit.

First of all you should decide if you want a corsage or a round wedding bouquet. A very modern and extremely popular choice among bridesmaids nowadays is to choose corsages rather than normal wedding bouquets. The corsage is easier to carry and it is going to improve your outfit without having to worry about it or about your comfort. If you are a classic woman and if the wedding is a sophisticated one then you can opt for a round wedding bouquet and you can match it with your outfit in order to look and to feel amazing.

The size of the bouquet is also very important and it is highly recommended to discuss about this topic with the bride. If you decide to opt for the corsage then you should know that a single flower is more than enough except for the cases when you plan to use small flowers such as mini roses or hydrangeas. If you want your corsage to be made of daisies, for example, then a single flower is definitely enough and it is going to help you look amazing. If you want to have a round wedding bouquet then you should choose its size with a lot of attention and you should ensure that it is smaller than the one for the bride. In this way you are going to look elegant and appropriate for such an event.

You are free to use any flowers that you want for your wedding bouquet and this is again a matter of tastes and personalities. Try not to neglect the opinion of the bride and try to settle all these things together, with your florist, in order to create a balanced final aspect and to look amazing together in all the wedding photos. Being a maid of honor is not easy and you should know that you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Each small detail matters and your wedding outfit is definitely one of them. If you know how to choose your dress and how to combine it with some gorgeous flowers then you have huge chances to look and to feel amazing and to help your best friend to have the wedding of her dreams.

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