Wedding Bouquets Calla Lillies

It is well known that calla lilies are ones of the most popular flowers when it comes to wedding bouquets but nobody knows exactly why and how they managed to become such loved flowers taking into consideration the fact that they were at first used for funerals and graves. A thing is sure, nowadays calla lilies which are used for wedding bouquets are a symbol of purity, innocence and femininity and if you feel that these characteristics are suitable for your personality then you should not hesitate in choosing a calla lilies wedding bouquet.

About calla lilies

This is a very simple but yet elegant flower and it is available in several colors. White is definitely the most used shade when it comes to a wedding bouquet and it is chosen by the majority of the brides. If you want to have a mixed wedding bouquet then you should know that you can also find calla lilies in other colors such as burgundy, dark purple, yellow and pink or sometimes even orange. Calla lilies are usually mixed with roses and the colors of the flowers can be chosen according to the next to be bride’s preferences. You should hire a good florist and you should ask him which are the most suitable flowers according to your outfit and according to your personality.

What shape to choose for your calla lilies wedding bouquet?

This is a very delicate question and you should do your best to find the most suitable answer according to your personality and needs. In this way not only that you are going to look amazing, but you have also big chances to feel beautiful and full of confidence. There are several shapes that can be chosen for a wedding bouquet and luckily for you, calla lilies are some special flowers which allow you to choose any shape for them and they can look gorgeous. Here you have some of the most popular ideas when it comes to a calla lilies wedding bouquet:

  1. A round wedding bouquet: this is definitely the next to be brides’ favorite choice when it comes to a wedding bouquet and its greatest advantage is that it cannot fail. You can choose any flowers and any colors for such a bouquet and you can even match them with any wedding dress. It is your choice and you should do your best to find an elegant and simple bouquet for your personality. The size of your bouquet depends on your wedding dress and you should know that a small bouquet can look more elegant and delicate than a bigger one.
  2. A cascading bouquet: is much bolder than a round one and it can be easily obtained if you choose calla lilies. You can mix them with roses or with any other flowers and you have to do your best to ensure that they are suitable for your wedding dress and for your wedding theme. All you have to do is to be patient and to choose your wedding outfit with a lot of attention and only after you are completely sure that you have found what you want and what you need.
  3. A corsage is perfect for the wedding reception. You are also free to wear it during your ceremony but this is not recommended because it is extremely small and it can pass unnoticed. You should opt for such an accessory during your reception in order to be able to keep your hands free and to feel comfortable in the same time. This is an option that should not be neglected.
  4. A scepter bouquet is perfect when it comes to calla lilies because they have exactly the most suitable shape for such a bouquet and they are going to make you look like a princess. All you have to do is to choose the color of the flowers with a lot of attention and to adapt it according to your needs. If you combine a scepter wedding bouquet with a goddess wedding dress then you are going to be the most amazing bride in the world.

The outfit of the day

A simple and classic dress is the most suitable choice for any bride and the accessories are the one which can make a difference. If you really want to look and to feel superb then you have to choose something comfortable and interesting such as the below dress. It is definitely a special model and a very feminine one and it is the modern alternative when it comes to a princess wedding dress which may seem too overwhelming or bold. You should not neglect such a dress and you should accessorize it with some elegant and unique details.


A simple, white calla lilies wedding bouquet (such as the one in the first image) is going to complete your outfit in a romantic and special way and your guests are going to be amazed when they are going to observe you. There is nothing that can go wrong when it comes to such an outfit. A simple and delicate pair of stilettos is going to imporve your outfit and you are going to feel elegant but also bold in the same time and you are going to have a wonderful time at your wedding. This is the best thing you can do if you want to be sure that everything is going to be perfect.

Wedding flowers and their importance

A superb wedding outfit cannot be obtained unless you choose some special and interesting wedding flowers and unless you match them with the rest of your outfit. They are going to improve your wedding dress and they are going to confer you a perfect final aspect. Calla lilies are amazing flowers and they can be used alone or combined with any other flowers according to your needs and preferences. You should do your best to choose everything carefully and to transform your wedding into a memorable and unique event which is going to remain in everybody’s mind and soul and which is going to be an example for other unmarried couples.

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