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A wedding is a very important event in a couple’s life and you owe it to yourself to transform it into the most important and happiest party of your life. You should do your best to ensure that you know what decorations to choose and how to match them with your personality and with your high sense of fashion. In this way everything is going to look superb and you are going to have your fairytale wedding which is going to remain in your mind and soul for the rest of your life. There is nothing more important than a happy couple at the beginning of their new life together and you should do your best to please your groom and to make him adore you. You can organize your wedding by yourself or you can hire a wedding planner company. It does not matter as long as you know that the wedding flowers are vital for such an event.

The wedding bouquet

It is the most important accessory for a bride and it has to be chosen with a lot of attention and only after you are 100% sure that you have found what you want and what you need. You can easily surprise everybody if you match the color and the shape of the bouquet according to the rest of your outfit and according to the season when the wedding takes place. There are some simple rules and you should take them into consideration if you really want everything to look and to be superb. If you consider that you cannot handle such a situation by yourself then you should talk to a designer and you should ask him to help you combine your clothing objects in order to look and to feel elegant and comfortable in the same time. You should not neglect anything if you want not to fail.

The color of the dress and the color of the bouquet are the first ones which must be taken into consideration. If you plan to wear a white wedding dress then you can consider yourself lucky because you can choose any color that you want and you can match it with your dress. The best combinations are contrasting ones, though and you should not hesitate to combine your white dress with a red wedding bouquet or even with a blue one. If you love cream and if you want to step through the aisle wearing such a dress then you can choose an orange bouquet which is going to complete your outfit in a very romantic way. Such a combination is perfect for a fall wedding. A silver wedding dress can be easily accessorized with a purple wedding bouquet and you can be sure that your final aspect is not going to disappoint anybody. You should not hesitate in choosing a bold color for your wedding dress such as red or blue but you should not combine it with any other colors except white. In this way you are going to look stylish and you are going to avoid a kitschy combination.

The shape of the bouquet is also very important. They are available in several shapes and combinations but you should know which are the most popular ones. First of all a round wedding bouquet is perfect for any bride because it can look amazing no matter how you combine it. You can wear it with a short wedding dress, with a tea length one or even with a long dress, the choice is all yours. A cascading bouquet is going to look much better if you accessorize it with a long dress and if you choose a simple one. In this way elegance will dominate your outfit. A scepter bouquet can look perfect with a goddess dress and you have some huge chances to shine and to be a superb bride. A small corsage is perfect during the wedding reception because it can help you dance without having to renounce at your bouquet.

The wedding centerpieces

You should know that a wedding cannot look superb if you do not choose some elegant and impressive wedding centerpieces. All you have to do is to know what color and what flowers to choose according to your personality and according to your wedding theme. You can have some simple and discreet wedding centerpieces which are made of natural flowers and classic vases. They are easy to obtain and they can look special and elegant in the same time without failing. You can always opt for such centerpieces if you want a classic wedding. Try to talk to your florist in order to choose the most affordable flowers according to your needs and according to your wedding theme and season.

If you want something more interesting and bolder then floating centerpieces are going to help you transform your wedding location into a special and full of life one and they are going to make you feel amazing. Not to mention that they can cost even less. You can hire a florist and you can tell him to create them for you, or you can even ask your maids of honor to help you make them by yourself. In this way you are going to save some money and you can be sure that the result is going to be a very interesting one. You can also add some perfume in the water in order to obtain something even more spectacular.

You can combine flowers and candles and you are going to have some classy and mysterious centerpieces. These types of centerpieces are perfect for a fall wedding and you should be extremely careful when you choose the colors for your flowers and for your candles. There must be a certain balance and everything must look stylish and elegant, not kitschy. If you want to have colored flowers then you should combine them with white candles and vice versa. It is your decision and you should find a way to transform your wedding into your dreams event but try not to neglect the wedding flowers and their importance.


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