Wedding Flowers San Antonio

It does not matter where you live and what kind of wedding do you want to have, as long as you opt for the correct wedding flowers. There are several criteria when it comes to your wedding flowers and they have to be well known by any next to be bride. First of all you have to choose the most suitable flowers according to your wedding location and according to your preferences. After that, you must find some suitable colors for your personality and for your wedding theme. The flower shop that you choose must be an affordable one and you should opt for the most popular one in your town (San Antonio is a great place and it has so many spectacular flower shops which can be found online, too). Try to choose a special style for your wedding bouquet, in order to ensure that your final aspect is going to be appropriate for your wedding and for your preferences.

Modern wedding bouquets

The bouquet in the first photo is definitely a modern and original one and it is made of white roses and small chocolate pieces. If you want to be sure that the chocolate will not melt, you can choose plastic figurines in order to have a wonderful outfit without any risks. Such a wedding bouquet is going to transform you into a gorgeous bride and it can be everything you need in order to be into the spotlight. It can look fabulous with a cream wedding dress and the contrast is going to be an excellent one.

The second bouquet is made of tulips and small daffodils and it is a very interesting and nonconformist one. You can see that special wooden handle which is so suitable for a modern bride. It is perfect for a short wedding dress made of a delicate corset and a tulle skirt. You are going to look like a ballerina and you are going to impress everybody with the boldness of your outfit. You should opt for similar corsages for your maids of honor in order to ensure that your wedding is going to be an elegant event and a memorable one.

Nonconformist wedding bouquets

If you want to merge your wedding bouquet and your wedding bag then the above bouquet can be exactly what you want. It is comfortable, easy to hold and it can be combined with your wedding dress exactly like a normal wedding bouquet. The best part is that you can hold your mobile photo inside or any other useful objects such as a lipstick, face powder and so on. You should talk to your florist and you should tell him that you want a bag wedding bouquet. It is important to ensure that it is not the first time when he makes one and that he is able to create something that you are going to enjoy.

Another modern idea which can be used, especially if your wedding is in summer, is to choose a fan wedding bouquet. If you take a look at the above photo I am sure that you are going to be thrilled. It can look amazing in your wedding photos and it can improve your wedding outfit in a special and nonconformist way. All you have to do is to choose the same materials for your dress and for the fan, and to accessorize it with some suitable flowers. You can choose small roses, daisies, daffodils, lilies of the valley, or any other colored flowers.

Bold wedding bouquets

A Gothic wedding bouquet is definitely a bold choice and you should take it into consideration if you are a modern woman. You can opt for a black bouquet made of callas and you can even decorate it with red feathers exactly like in the above photo. It looks gorgeous and it is going to look even better if you combine it with a white wedding gown and with a pair of red wedding shoes. There is nothing more romantic and sexier than a combination between red, black and white. You should opt for it when it comes to your wedding outfit, too, in order to look like a true diva.

The second bouquet is made of purple orchids and green callas and it is accessorized with pearls. You are going to look lovely if you combine such a bouquet with a silver wedding dress. It is a special outfit which is going to transform you into the bride of the year. You can replace the callas with green hydrangeas if you want your bouquet to be more discreet and elegant and if you consider that callas are not suitable for your personal style and for your wedding outfit. It is important not to forget about your wedding centerpieces and to choose the same colors and flowers for them, as well.

Vintage wedding bouquets

If you want to opt for a vintage themed wedding then you should also opt for a vintage themed wedding bouquet is order to look appropriate and to create a balanced wedding. The bouquet in the picture is delicate and simple and it is very suitable for a classic and elegant woman who wants to look perfect on her wedding day. If you consider that classic and simple accessories are more suitable for your personality and that they can make you feel more comfortable then you should choose something similar to the pink and green bouquet from above.

If you are a bold woman who is not afraid to take chances then the second bouquet is better for you. It is accessorized with a retro clock and with romantic lace and it can improve the aspect of your simple wedding dress more than you have ever imagined. Such a bouquet can look even more impressive if you match it with a pair of dark red stilettos and if you manage to create a stylish and refined final aspect. A vintage wedding bouquet is easy to combine with any wedding dress and it can be exactly that bold accessory that you need in order to transform your outfit into a retro one, according to your wedding theme.

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